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Your Cat's Health  - Advice and tips on cat behaviour, cat and Kitten health and every thing you need to know to have a happy cat.

Some of my cat and kitten friends you will meet on my blog website. Come and have fun with us.


My Name is Laurie Buckley and I am the owner and admin of For Your Cat's Health. For Your Cat's Health is a website for people who just can't get enough of those furry four legged felines. It is a place to share information and stories with other cat people like myself.

After working online for years and finding only frustration, I realized that I just wasn't doing something that I loved. Once I realized this fact everything else just sort of fell into place. I love all animals, but cats hold a very special place within my heart. Cats are not only friendly and lovable but they can also be defiant and infuriating as well. They shift from being totally self reliant one moment to being extremely high maintenance the next. That's why I love them so much. So I've decided to share what I've learned over the years about cats, their behavior and health care. And so this is how For Your Cat's Health got its proper start. I now enjoy providing useful articles and quality information to other cat lovers and owners. I also like to share some stories and photos about the funny and crazy things that my own silly felines do. And also besides the articles and stories, you will find fun cat quotes and a list of links to some of the best pet sites on the web today. You can even do a search for available adoptable cats in your own neighborhood for free.

I take great pride in my site and work and am truly dedicated to cats and their love and happiness. I welcome you to please visit us today and share your own cat stories or comments today at today.

Visit 4 Your Cats Health for great advice on all things on cats and kittens