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Inky Winky Spider

by Cyndi Sue

Review by Stuart Macfarlane (Author)

Book Description

If you wish to help your children learn the alphabet and how to count, then take a look at the Inky Winky Spider series of books and songs. The books are delightful – full of vibrant color with characters that children can’t fail to love. Through fun, exciting rhymes Inky shows the letters of the alphabet and the numbers up to 20.

Inky Winky Spider 1, 2, 3, 4 concludes, “’We love, we love our numbers’ those little spiders said, Then they all fell fast asleep counting numbers in their head.” And I really do think Inky will help instil a love for learning in any child.

To complete the learning experience there is also a fabulous website with coloring pages and Inky Winky tunes to listen to.

Inky Winky Spider is such a wonderful character he’s sure to become a huge hit across America and beyond.

Inky Winky Spider Website



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